Dan Goldman, one of the head honchos and DJs of Bialek’s Music, is hysterical and, luckily, he also runs the photo booth!

We first met at District Bliss’ 1st Birthday Party + Website Launch and hit it off right away. Since then, we’ve bumped into each other at several events and ended up hanging out way past the end of the event, laughing so hard our abs were sore the next day. No joke!

Recently, Dan started offering photo booth services. They have several options, which are all awesome. See for yourself!
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Dan will be a Participating Vendor at our upcoming Vendor Social at Stanton & Greene on July 23rd! We are super excited to see his photo booth in action!

When did you decide you wanted to start a photo booth company?

The male escort thing wasn’t working out anymore. The economy took its toll on my Johns, and I needed money real bad to feed my heroin addiction. Sure, every once in a while they came around looking for an old fashioned for sentiments sake, but Daddy needed his fix and the $10 gigs just weren’t cutting it.

If anyone asks though, I just tell them that it made perfect sense to add this service to my DJ business, and I’ve always loved photo booth design. You are the only ones that know the truth.

Is there a name for the company? If so, how did you come up with it?

For now it’s all just Bialek’s Music, but stay tuned!

How long have you been doing this?

The photo booths I started about three years ago. It’s been growing steadily every year!

Do you have a team that helps maintain the photo boothl or is it just you?

I do all the maintenance/programming, and have three fantastic employees that run the booths for me when I’m unavailable.

What is your favorite part about what you do?

Making it all consistently work. There’s a lot of parts to the typical photo booth, and everything from the software, to the camera, to the printer have to work in unison over and over, without fail, throughout the night, approximately 200 times. It’s kind of like google. Looks simple on the front end, but there’s a ton going on in the background the guests don’t see.

Is there anything else besides doing the photo booth that you also do and what to highlight?

I’ve always been and always will be a DJ. That’s first. I’ve also been successful providing lighting services.

Anything else you would like to add?

There had better be free drinks at this thing. And hot women.

Don’t worry, Dan, we do! 😉