Our Team

Our Blissbassadors represent the District Bliss mission across the country!

Helping to cultivate a supportive community of creatives, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and wedding + event vendors is the name of our game!

Sara Alepin | Co-Founder, Owner of District Bliss

Sara, Alepin, Hartenstine,District Bliss, Community, Artist, Photographer, Photos from the HartySara is a lover of lattes, spontaneity, popcorn & laughing loudly. She’s a go-getter with a background in Art Education. After leaving the public school sector, she began to focus on her photography business, Photos from the Harty. Hoping to create a community of supportive and like-minded creatives, entrepreneurs, and artists, Sara co-founded District Bliss. She has – and continues to be – amazed at how many wonderful, talented people have joined the DB chapters across the USA!

When she is not working, she’s reading, traveling, enjoying a glass of earthy red wine, spending time outdoors with her puppy, or hanging with her friends and family.

Co-founded by two Sara(h)s

After co-founding DB and moving to New York to expand, Sarah Campbell’s wedding planning business, Pollyanna Events, began to explode! While she no longer has time to dedicate to hosting District Bliss events, Sarah remains a huge supporter and we couldn’t be happier that she has become so successful!


noun; a bubble of positive vibes that oversees badass events across the country

synonyms: champion 

We have a curated group of badass Blissbassadors that represent our brand and help us manage all of our events. We are looking to expand to other areas across the US. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Blissbassador, you can apply here.

Meet our Blissbassadors!

Tracy Leaman | District Bliss Blissbassador in DMV and owner of Events to a T


DMV Blissbassador

– I am from Michigan, but have lived in DC for 19 years
– I read about one book per week; the sadder the book the better
– I survive on carbs, cheese, sugar and wine
– I have never had a hamburger
– Being cold is my least favorite thing
– Yellow makes me happy
– I love to ride my bike and walk
– My event planning company, Events to a T, is 8 years old
– I almost always have at least one project for which I am volunteering my time because community is super important to me
– I used to be a shopaholic and shoes were my biggest problem
districtblissdc@gmail.com | #districtblissdc
Brittany Meade, District Bliss VA Ambassador


DMV Blissbassador

– From a small town in Maryland with a population of about 2,500
– Plays tennis
– Eats { mostly } vegetarian
– Loves baking and trying new recipes
– Use to want to be a meteorologist
– Could spend all of my free time in craft stores and be perfectly content
– Could live off of mac-n-cheese
– Favorite color is yellow
– Likes using cloth napkins when entertaining, it makes me feel fancy
– Gets a thrill from scouting out bargains at antique or thrift stores
– Has a younger sister who is taller than me!

districtblissva@gmail.com | #districtblissva

Cassie Parco, District Bliss DIY Ambassador


DMV + DIY Blissbassador

– I’ve lived in 7 different cities
– I have an obsession with tea; green and white tea being my two favorites
– I’m easily amused by almost everything
– I used to be in a hip hop crew in college
– I catch myself people-watching way too much
– I love planning and coordinating events!
– 80% of the time, I buy my stuff on sale
– Sitting still is hard for me (unless I’m meditating)

districtblissdiy@gmail.com | #districtblissdiy



LA Blissbassador

-I’ve lived all over: from the east to west coast with a few states in between, finally deciding to stay in Los Angeles, California
– I have worked in almost every position in the hospitality industry in many different climates (like hotels in the mountains & desert, cruise ships in Hawaii, and yachts in the Caribbean)
– My true passion was always in events and after a number of years working for others, decided to start her own corporate event planning company, All the DetailZ Event Planning
– In my spare time, I love venturing to new restaurants with my or trying my hand at a new recipe

districtblissla@gmail.com | #districtblissla

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Assistant // Unicorn

– Maryland girl, born and raised
– My astrological sign is Pisces
– Art lover
– Obsessed with puppies
– I love stargazing and ocean breezes
– I’m always down for sushi & tacos (even the two combined)
– The craziest thing I’ve ever done was bungee jumping in New Zealand


District Bliss has a strong social media presence. Spreading the word about businesses, events, and sharing rad things makes us happy!



-I live all the way from Pocatello, Idaho, but love being on the District Bliss team and video chat with everyone as often as possible
-I am finishing my degrees in Elementary Education, English, and French
-You’ll almost always find me giggling
-I am a dancer
-I love naps and kittens
-I’m an avid reader and a constant coffee drinker
-I hope to move to the Seattle area as soon as I (finally) finish school

Chloe, District Bliss Social Media Intern



-I think Disney and Target truly are the happiest places on earth
-My favorite book is The Book Thief by Marcus Zuzak (I cry every. single. time. I read it)
-Giggling may very well be my superpower
-Iced coffee and margaritas are the way to my heart
-I was born in Yakima, Washington, grew up in Boise, Idaho, and recently packed up all my belongings to move 2400 miles across the country so I could live in Annapolis, Maryland….which is the craziest thing I’ve done to date
-Adventure is one of my biggest cravings
-I’m a firm believer that a party without champagne is just a meeting

We are currently only accepting applicants for internships. 

Header Photograph by Chris Ferenzi Photography   |  LOVE Letters Created by BRIGHTLY Ever After | Photo of Tracy by Edward Underwood Photography