Meet District Bliss!

HAPPY HOUR with wedding inspiration – that’s what we’re about!

District Bliss is a social event company that hosts two types of events: Vendor Socials and Couples Socials. Both are happy hours where you can celebrate with people just like you! Our goal is to make wedding planning – and networking – laid-back and FUN!

Vendor Socials

Networking should be easy!

Our goal is to make vendors + creatives FEEL like the event is really being thrown for them – with all the bells and whistles. Those of us in the events/wedding industry attend a lot of events, but none of them are FOR us! Our Vendor Social is a happy hour where vendors + creatives can cut loose. It’s a night off! We want everyone to feel welcome and have a great time – because you work hard and you deserve it!

Couples Social

Wedding planning should be FUN!

Our Couples Social is a pressure-free happy hour where couples can check out a cohesive, dressed space, where vendors’ specialties and products are showcased. You’ll be able to gather info about our Participating Vendors, but in a casual environment at your own speed – and with a few drinks! Hopefully you’ll meet some awesome couples, too!

Meet District Bliss!

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